Karma Palsang Döndrub Ling (KPDL) is an international meditation and retreat center of the Karma Kagyu Lineage of Diamond Way Buddhism. It is located on Mount Olympus and is under the spiritual direction of His Holiness the 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje and Lama Ole Nydahl. The function of the center is based on idealism and friendship.

The Diamond Way Budddhist Retreat Center Olymus in Greece

Buddhist Retreat Center

Karma Palsang Döndrub Ling (KPDL)

Radiant Place where Everything is Accomplished

KPDL is located on the Lower Mount Olympus at an altitude of 470m, near the traditional village of Palaios Panteleimon and easy to access from Thessaloniki.

The land lies in a wonderful site surrounded by woods of chestnut and arbutus, having a magnificent view over the Gulf of Thermaikos. In the beautiful traditional three-storey building are the meditation hall (gompa), the living and dining hall, a big kitchen and a separate wing with dormitories and sanitary rooms.

The center was inaugurated in 2018 by Lama Ole Nydahl who named it “Karma Palsang Döndrub Ling” (Radiant Place where Everything is Accomplished). He supported us from the very first moment to buy the land and complete the building. He said that this center will be of great benefit for many beings and a very important place for the Balkans, the southeastern frontiers of Europe.

With the blessing of Lama Ole Nydahl and the support of friends from all over the world, it is now a perfect place to meditate, to meet, to work and to enjoy. We, the Greek Sangha, loved it from the first moment!


We have built it together, let’s meditate together!

In KPDL, meditation and practice are the main activities for the lay practitioners and friends of the Diamond Way Buddhism.

Seminars and lectures by teachers of Diamond Way Buddhism are organized during the year, as well as short retreats, either in groups or in person. A daily program contains lectures on topics of Buddhist teachings, guided meditation and personal practice.

All guests participate in works that are essential for the proper functioning of the center such as the purchase of goods, preparation of meals, enabling friends to access, cleaning and maintenance. Before leaving they make sure that that they leave the center ready for the next use.

In free time, the place is offered for a walk in the woods or at the traditional village nearby, swimming during summer and various works in the premises.



In KPDL, up to 17 persons can be hosted in rooms with beds. Upon request, there is the capability for more persons to stay during courses, with a limit of 25 person max.

There are no facilities for outdoor camping in KPDL (with tents, campers etc.), but the place is located in a tourist area with many possibilities to stay in camping areas, hotels and guest houses nearby.


KPDL is located in a semi-mountainous area at an altitude of 470m above sea level. Weather conditions change according to the season: cold and rain or snow in winter, heat and thunderstorms in summer. The temperature drop is noted during the night, even in summer. Concerning food, you are asked to bring your own supplies, also in consultation with other guests. To have a pleasant stay please check the following recommended packing list:

Mountain shoes
Hat and sunglasses
Sunblock cream
Medicine and insect repellent

When registering, you will receive along with the confirmation detailed information regarding your stay.

Approach: How to get to KPDL

From Thessaloniki “Makedonia” Airport by car:

  • Head for Thessaloniki and after 3km take the A24-Highway.
  • After 12km take Exit-12 to the Ring-Road.
  • Continue for 17km in the direction of Athens until you find A1-Highway (Thessaloniki-Athens).
  • Stay on the highway in the direction of Athens and after 80km take the Leptokarya-Skotina Exit. You will need coins to pay at the toll-post.
  • Turn right and then right again in direction Larisa for 8km.
  • At the roundabout take the first exit in the direction of Palaios Panteleimon and stay on this road for about 5km. Attention! Uphill road with sharp bends and low visibility to the opposite flow!
  • You arrive at the entrance of Palaios Panteleimon. Stay on this road after the big parking place on your left side.
  • Continue for about 1,2km and after the garbage bins kiosk turn left to the first dirt road (picture 1).
  • Continue for about 1,5 km. Attention! Low speed! After the wellspring, follow the dirt road to the left (picture 2) and you will reach KPDL after a few meters.

From Thessaloniki or Athens by train:

  • When getting your ticket, make sure that the itinerary includes the “Neoi Poroi” train stop.
  • Get off at “Neoi Poroi” and take a taxi outside the train station or, if we are informed of your arrival, please wait for somebody to pick you up.


If you have general questions or would like to visit KPDL, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by e-mail at: olympus@diamondwaycenter.org

Applying for stay

If you want to stay in KPDL, please make registration.

Meals are offered only during courses; the minimum stay is two days.

For further details about accommodation and access, please visit the Guide on the website.

Emergency mobile phone numbers: 
+306945643219, Eleni (Thessaloniki)
+306937400252, Alexandros (Thessaloniki)


Palaios Panteleimonas, Vromoneria, Postal Code 60065, Greece

Postal address:

Diamond Way Buddhist Center of Thessaloniki

For KPDL, attention of Maria Panteki

Ethnikis Aminis 24,  54621 Thessaloniki, Greece

How to support KPDL

KPDL has almost been completed thanks to the generosity and support of friends from all over the world. It now provides basic infrastructure for staying but the work has not yet been finished! There is much more to be done at the exterior areas and regarding the furnishing. We continue supporting the center so that it becomes a place of inspiration and meditation for all friends of Diamond Way Buddhism. If you also want information on how to support the function of the center, you can do it here:


Upcoming events in the Buddhist center

At the moment, there are no lectures or courses planned. Please ask in the center for more information.