This is Olympus RC.
Let’s make it happen.
The Diamond Way Budddhist Retreat Center Olymus in Greece

Our new Buddhist Retreat Center on Mount Olympus

Karma Palsang Doendrub Ling (KPDL)

Radiant Place Where Everything is Accomplished

We will build our KPDL! Let’s make it a place to meditate, to meet, to work and to enjoy, a great place to be …

Lama Ole named it “A place where everything is accomplished”. He supported us from the very first moment to buy the land and finish the building. He said it will be of great benefit for many beings and a very important place for the Balkans, the southeastern frontiers of Europe.

We, the Greek Sangha, loved it from the first sight! Right here, on this magnificent site, a beautiful traditional building, and very easy to access from Thessaloniki.

Right now, the conditions have ripened to complete it. With the blessing of our Lama and your support – everything is possible!

Logo Karma Palsang Doendrub Ling

The project

The retreat place is located on the Lower Olympus Mountain, near the picturesque village of Palaios Panteleimon, which in Greek means “The All-Compassionate One”. The land is surrounded by woods of chestnuts, oaks and arbutus and is overlooking the Gulf of Thermaikos and the Aegean Sea in the distance. Part of the magnificent view by the sea is the Castle of Platamon, an old Crusaders castle built between 1204 and 1222, located in a strategic position. The tower, which overlooks the highway, is an imposing medieval fortress.

It is a land of modest area size (4.300 m2) which includes a half-finished building. There is a three-storey incomplete building of 210m2. It has 51 windows and a veranda with an amazing view. The frame and outer walls are good enough and all the rest needs to be done.

Our plans

The building has three levels (ground, middle and upper) and it is somehow separated in two sections (north-west and south-east).

Our first idea about planning is to arrange activities and houserooms following this partition. Thus, social activities are placed in the north-west (which is cool and has big rooms) and privacy in the south-east (which is warm and has small rooms). In horizontal allocation, “quiet” activities go up and “noisy” activities go down: meditating and studying are located in the upper level with the amazing view, working and sitting together in the middle level, cooking and dining in the ground level.

Get inspired

Get involved – make it happen!

KPDL Olympus Retreat Center needs a lot of work and money to be completed – and we will have plenty of opportunities to build up friendships there! Our generous friends from all over Greece as well as from Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and Germany already helped us, working at the place and supporting us financially. We may all participate so that it will be a place for everybody from the very beginning.

Become an ambassador

First, as we are a small Sangha 🙂

We need help for the project campaign. We are looking for “ambassadors” to support us at the upcoming courses.

Contact us!

Come to help

Then, there is a lot of work to be done for the completion of the building. Professionals are involved in the construction, but there are also tasks that could be done from ourselves.

A list of these tasks and a time schedule will soon be announced, and you may register as a volunteer!



We need approximately EUR 140,000 to complete the building and connect it to electricity and water supply.